"Alif" William Georgi

'Alif Identification'


'How Become'

caught by Queen flirtin' with a straight man named Ian Penny , along with several other men


burned at the stake by order of Queen Marial Catheriona

'Alifsexualty Accounts'

11 accounts

'Account Terms'



'Birth Place'


'Death Place'

Burned Stake House,Dershka

'Alifsexuality Family'

none in family history

"Alif" William Georgi 0001 (born --1945-1975) was the first alif of British deccent and ex-husband of Queen Marial Catheriona.

How Became a "Alif"

He was caught by Queen Marial Catheriona in 1974 in a bar in Dershka flirtin' with a straight man named Ian Penny. "Alif" William Georgi 001, was arrested and burned at the state in Obibolan,Dershka.

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