Dershkian Civil War


August 10,2025-August 16,2025


Jungle of Paris City,North Dershk'i


Republican so far winning the war

Reason for War

the murder of North Dershk'i leader Roland Hamilton , to abolish the legalization of felifism

War Sides

Democratics: Ronald Hamilton Republicans: Fregger Dolf


equal at 1 million



157,000 *N* (843,000)

67,000 *S* (933,000)

Length of Predicted War

August 10,2025 - December 8,2025 (120 days)

The Dershkian Civil War aka 6 Days Civil War (begin August 10,2025) was a war between the NDU-Army of North Dershk'i and the SDU-Army of South Dershk'i. The war began after the murder of North Dershk'i leader Roland Hamilton by the SDU-Army. The war took place in the Jungle Grounds, Paris City,North Dershk'i.

Surrender of the North

After the capture of Ronald Hamilton , the north surrendered at Fort Paris,Paris City,North Dershk'i. The SDU-Army took over the NDU-Army and forced the NDU-Army to surrender or the South would murder the north's leader. The NDU-Army refused and half of the north's troops were bravely beatin down and murdered.

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