Native name: Flinstonia


Location Bermuda Triangle,North of

Lilliput just beyond the Smalltown mountains.

Coordinates Waterspout
Area 210,000 km2 (81,000 sq mi)
'Bermuda Triangle'
Population More than 10 million
Ethnic groups Americans

American Gamblers

Flinstonia is a territory of the Bermuda Triangle that surrounds the nations of Blefuscia , Lilliput , and Dershk'i in which one must enter the Bermuda Triangle waterspout before entering into this foreign land. This foreign land was discovered by King Arthur IV of England and his shipmates in the 18th century. He named the foreign land after the flinstone cavemen who lived here during the Cavemen times. Flinstonia has four cities in all ; Bedrock , Rock Vegas , Granitetown ,and New Rock City. Though Upper Crust is a suburb of Bedrock. The capital is Rock Vegas.


Flinstonia doesn't really have a form of rulement as Independentship has no form of government , people are free to do what they want and there is no real leader.

National SportEdit

The National sports of Flinstonia are bowling and Rockboarding. Rockboarding takes place in Rockafella River.Gambling is a very popular sport that is played only in Rock Vegas. Another popular sport that takes place at Rock Vegas is huge drumstick fighting also known as clumbering.


The main form of natural land transportation in Flinstonia is rockrolling cars in which these have no petals , the person driving this uses their feet to drive without the need for gas. The main form of flying transportation is by giant pterodactyls , who are as big as airplanes.





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