Hells' Gate Express (founded 2015) is the world's first four-type fast food chain. It is named after the street and park that King Deryike Nasch grew up on and played at when he was little , the street is Hells' Gate St. and the park is Hells' Gate Park. The fast foo chain is founded and owned by King Deryike Nasch.


Wings (first-type)

  • hot wings (mild , spicy , medium , hells' gate spicy)
  • chicken wings (sauces - bbq , ranch)

Ribs (second-type)

  • baby back ribs (mild , spicy , medium , hells' gate spicy)
  • riblets
  • rib burger

Tacos (third-type)

  • spicy tacos
  • rib tacos
  • spagetty tacos

Soaps (four-type)

  • chicken soup (with choice of crackers)
  • rib soup
  • tomato soup (with choice of crackers)
  • chicken noddle (with choice of crackers)
  • chilli (spicy or mild)


  • french fries (curly fries or chilli fries)
  • koal-slaw
  • mashed potatoes (with choice of brown or white gravy)
  • tater tots

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