Niner Italia


August 27th,1968 - August 27th,1976


Romian Castle , Italia


  • captured the fort of Romian Castle (4 years)
  • forced Italia leader to surrender (3 years)
  • Italia troopers surrendered and gave Dershka their freedom from Italia (2 years)



Victory Method:

  • capture of Romian Castle
  • captured of Tom Romiero
  • surrendered at Romian Fort
  • freedom from Italia was givin to Dershka

Troops Dead

Victory Hedge:

3,300 Dershka

Niner Italia was a war fought between Italy and Dershka over Italy 's rule over Dershka. The war lasted nine years and provided a victory for the Dershkian Army on August 27th , 1976.

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