North and South Separate of Dershk’i


On this day of July the 3 past quarter of ¼ century over two thousand , we fresh our claims to separate from the Dershk’i empire into north and south. Our stress –out is that the king and ruler of the Dershk’i empire has abused use by dissing our democratic union and our court of courtership we command the public to vote him out of our union and separate into north , us being the north and him being the south. We continue, with that since the beginning of his reign as ruler and courtshipper of Dershk’i he has bin dissing our democratic union since his rule began in 2016. We recommend the public of the upper part of Dershk’i to eliminate Dershk’i as one union , state , and godly found territory or we threatin’ to separate into our own country – We are done with our claim.


As the south version of Dershk’i we claim that our leader of this country of both the south and the north has bin publicly opionized by our leaders hatred of the democratic north. However-forthworther, the north has bin spying on the leaders secret missions of his hatred opinion of the north. We claim that the ruler of the north shall serve jail time for his rolemenship in the spying of our countries leader - We are ended by the stick of our claimer.


As we have read both claims with our eyes , we see that the north has used a “scapegoat” of blaming the south’s leader of his dissing of the north-democratic party and its members. However-forthworther, the north has bin spying on the south. However-forthworther-twoim , the south has bin offending the north though the south part does not want to split into north and south we claim that the split of rightmenship is 2/4’s , one-half , thereforthim , Dershk’i shallim be split into two separate unions , states , political parties, and two separate naborims by the 3 past quarter of August.

SRU Leaders approval rating NDU Leaders approval rating

1/10 population (10%) 4/5 population (80%)

Congress Leaders approval rating


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