Bermuda Triangle




191,900 sq. mi.


more than 70 mil.


  • Americans
  • Hawaiians
  • Swedes
  • Italians

Dershk'i known as Old Dershk'i since the split into North Dershk'i and South Dershk'i is a territory of the Bermuda Triangle , that surrounds the nations of Blefuscia,Flinstonia,and Lilliput in which one must enter the Bermuda Triangle waterspout before entering into this foreign land. This foreign land was discovered by King Arthur IV of England and his shipmates in the 18th century. The come upping of the country's name is unknown. Dershk'i has six cities in all ; Shiverpool,Bershwood,Wreshell,Paris City,Landon,and Arsena. The main language is English with Italian as the secondary.

Deaf IssuesEdit

Beginning in the 19th century Dershk'i citizens began developing deaf issues in the ears do to the load sounds of sonic booms which bounce off of the Putt Ocean. The sonic booms occur because of the load force of winds in which without the booms buildings and ships would sink and citizens would drown. However, only 15% of these citizens are deaf. The winds would also have a higher MPH without the booms.


Kingmenship is a form of monarchy ruled by Kings of a reign of 40 years. If a King passes away a Princess may become Princess over King for the next twenty years or until a new King is founded. Dershk'i has had six Kings so far , the seventh being the current one.


Kingmenship has several symbolizers of royalty status that are patched on all Kings,Princesses,Guards,and Coppets uniforms. If someone doesn't have a symbolizer they are not of royalty status. Retrieved from

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