Ella Chantment
Queen 2016-2025
Playtoy 2011-2021
Husband King Deryike Nasch (ex-husband)
Full name
Ella Elizabeth Chantment
Queenmenship Queenmenship
Born July 5th,1996 (29 years old)


Occupation Queen of Dershka
Religion Christian

Queen Ella Chantment (born July 5th,1996) is the former Queen of Dershka and Dershkian United Nations of the World of British-American deccent. She is also the ex-wife of King Deryike Nasch. She is a former Playtoy model and Miss Dershka from 2015-2019.

Early Life

She grew up in London,England to Maria and Rocco Chantment. She attended her parents high school Chantment Christian High in downtown , London,England. When she was 13 she started getting into modeling.

Later Life

She moved to Dershka when she was 15 and became a model for Playtoy. While at a photo shoot she met the future King of Dershka King Deryike. She fell in love with him right away a year later they married. After, 12 years of marriage to King Deryike they officially split after three years of relationship problems. She is currently single.

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