Transportation is the main fuction of how citizens in Old Dershk'i and the Dershkian United Nations of the World travel around. The transportation units are listed into different systems.


The engines that are used as road trans. is cars and boats.Cars: The cars range from old style cars and new cars that are charged powered. Boats: The boats range from power boats to wakeboarding styl boats. The difference between the cars and boats is that boats drive on the right side of the river boeys and cars drive on the left side of the street. The laws of boats is organized by the department of boats and the laws of cars is organized by the department of motor vehicles.

Speed Limit

  • 'Boats: 25 'mph
  • Cars: 25 mph

Air Powered

Air powered engines that are used as air-pilate trans. is airplanes and jets. Old Dershk'i , holds five airplane areas in each city.

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